Why Influencer Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

Mar 16, 2022 — Markerly Editorial Team, 4 min read

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Influencer partnerships, brand ambassadors, and everything influencer marketing-related is going to be the next big thing in marketing. Well, actually–our title is a bit of a misdirect. Influencer marketing already is the next big thing in marketing. 

Companies of all sizes are getting in on influencer marketing. Influencer marketing budgets are increasing, and influencer marketing campaigns are beginning to dominate the strategies of a growing number of companies. This new opportunity in the digital world has become one of the primary ways that brands present themselves on social media platforms, and for good reason. 

People trust and admire their favorite influencers and often look to them for advice regarding products or brands. Many people have bought a product because their preferred social media influencer talked about it, making influencer marketing a Well of Opportunity for businesses trying to get their name out there and promote products to their target audience.

Influencer marketing can boost your brand’s visibility, allowing you to connect with your target audience in a much more genuine way. Whether you market through Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, or any other popular platform, there are numerous reasons why you should incorporate influencer marketing into your brand. Keep reading to learn more.

Consumers Are Done With Paid Digital Advertising

As more and more brands implement a digital marketing strategy, consumers see more paid ads than ever before. At every point during their social media scrolling, consumers are faced with advertisements–often ones that are not interesting to them or catered towards them. 

For this reason, consumers have grown sick of seeing digital ads all over their screens when they’re trying to explore social media platforms. As a result, many consumers (over 40% of people worldwide) utilize an ad blocker to manage the advertisements that constantly appear on their screens. 

When you begin to focus on influencer marketing campaigns for your brand, you instantly appeal to both a much broader and a more niche audience than you might through other digital advertising methods. When a consumer sees their favorite influencer advocating for your brand, you increase the chance of gaining potential buyers and making conversions.

Influencer Marketing Can Be Cost-Effective

Compared with other forms of paid digital marketing, social media influencer marketing can be much more cost-effective. Though different influencers will have different ways of charging for their partnerships with brands, influencer marketing can be much less expensive and have a better ROI when compared to your other digital marketing strategies. But, of course, this is only the case when it is treated as a serious strategy. 

It’s Native Advertising

Influencer marketing differs from traditional digital marketing techniques because it is a form of native advertising and advertises products organically. Traditional advertisements usually do not appear organically and are typically nothing more than an interruption to the consumer.

Influencer marketing allows for genuine quality content which appeals to your target market. Native advertising is much more appealing to consumers, who often look to fellow consumers to determine what brands they want to pay attention to.

Social Media Offers Various Ways to Promote Brands

Social media influencers are able to use numerous different tools within the digital world that allow them to promote your brand in unique ways. Social media influencers create content in various formats, such as using features like Instagram Reels and Carousel Posts. 

Social media is constantly expanding to incorporate new features, giving your brand the opportunity to connect with an influencer and promote your products in ways that you haven’t tried before.

Influencer Marketing Is an Arbitrage

In advertising, an arbitrage describes a situation in which products are sold at a cheaper value than what they are actually worth. This is currently the case with influencer marketing because so many influencers are trying to start a social media career for themselves, and not as many marketers are trying to invest in this marketing strategy seriously. 

If you invest in influencer marketing campaigns now, your brand will have the opportunity to make a big profit without sinking a ridiculous amount of money into it.  

However, it is essential to remember that arbitrage does not usually last long. Once influencer marketing takes off even more than it already has, the price of working with a fitting influencer partner will inevitably skyrocket.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Is Lively

Social media influencer marketing is much livelier than other types of marketing that people run into throughout their day. In many cases, there are emotions involved in influencer marketing that cannot be found with traditional marketing strategies like billboards, printed advertisements, or random digital advertisements not catered towards the user. 

When you use influencer marketing to promote your brand, you make your advertisements much more engaging to the general audience. Social media influencers promote brands in a lively, fun way that gets people interested and connects to the audience’s emotions. Influencer marketing allows you to relate to potential buyers in a way that other forms of marketing do not.

Social Media Is Booming

The world of social media continues to grow larger and stronger by the day and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Various platforms are showing tremendous growth and development, and social media’s steady popularity makes it an ideal place for advertising if you are using the proper techniques. 

Influencer marketing is no longer limited to digital photograph ads, but is expanding into videos, audio, blogs, and other mediums where an influencer can communicate with their audience. For these reasons, your brand should follow the trends and participate in the social media boom.

Discover More About Influencer Marketing With Markerly

If you are entirely new to influencer marketing or think it’s time to start taking your influencer strategy more seriously, it’s wise to work with a campaign team to figure out which influencers are in-line with your brand and your goals. Our team at Markerly is made up of influencer marketing experts that are dedicated to helping you craft a campaign from start to finish.

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