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Markerly is the only end-to-end influencer marketing solution dedicated to connecting brands with real people to deliver authentic and successful brand affiliations.

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Our influencers are the kinds of people who use your product already, but limiting yourself to an opt-in community will not yield the best results for finding them…

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“ beard, Black Marble, oil ”

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Markerly found influencers relevant to your brand.
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Markerly quickly searches through millions of accounts based on keywords, brand affinity, hashtags, and lifestyle choices and recruits them into your campaign or custom-built community.

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Markerly can manage your influencer marketing campaigns with guaranteed results. We will help you set clear goals, develop a timeline, and maintain a fixed budget.

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Want your own branded influencer community? We can help you identify and recruit the best influencers for your brand while giving you total control. You own the relationships and hold the key to your own community of passionate influencers.

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Now you can have Markerly’s community-building and campaign management tools in-house, so you can have full control of your influencer marketing efforts with your own branded platform.

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