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We're re-writing the book on Influencer Marketing.

Founded in 2012, Markerly was a pioneer in Influencer Marketing. The industry has evolved greatly since then. But so has the world. In light of the dramatic societal shifts in recent years, we think it's time to evolve again. We see the need for three essential shifts...

Integrated Influence

Influencer Marketing is no longer an "emerging" discipline. It's been around forever as an offline practice, and it's now matured in its online form. Going forward it needs to be fully mainstreamed and done in lock-step collaboration with the other mature strategic components of Marketing —Advertising, Public Relations, Events, Campaigns, Social Media, etc— and they all need to work in conjunction to maximize outcomes.

Influencer as
Strategic Partners

Influencers are the people who organize, build, add value to, and lead their communities. They are the experts on their own tribes and topics, and yet many brands these days treat them like commodities waiting "on a shelf" to be paid for their voice and their followers. It's time to show Influencers the respect they deserve, leverage their deep expertise, and bring them to their rightful place at the strategy table—helping to conceive and drive campaigns that lift their communities higher.

Responsible Influence

Shock tactics, sex appeal, and controversy are being relied on too often in Influence campaigns because they get attention. But we have seen that posts without substance or deeper convictions have no lasting impact and create no real affinities. Helping to build communities, revealing new ways to look at things, and doing good for their members are how you make powerful lasting impacts—ones that last long after your campaign is over. We believe that virtually any campaign can be infused with lasting social good, and often at little to no cost.

What we bring to the table...

We’ve been running influencer campaigns since 2012. We know what works, what doesn't, and everything in between. We will live and breathe your strategic outcomes and develop approaches that will get you there. Whether you're putting together a media plan, launching a new product, or planning an event, we've seen it all and will apply that knowledge from conception to execution to measurement.

Behind the curtain...

This isn't our first rodeo. We're a team of data-driven, wildly creative folks that know how to dream up, execute on, and measure world-class influencer campaigns and content. Meet the team.

Our team

We're Connected

As firm believers in Integrated Influence we know that how we work with you and your teams is as important to maximize results as the campaign concepts themselves. Whether you are a brand that needs us to work in lock-step with your internal and external partners, or a partner agency that needs to bring our unique experience to bear, we know how to weave ourselves into a team effort. And, if you find you're missing some pieces of the puzzle, we've got a wide network of partners and friends who can help fill the gaps from PR to Events to Advertising and beyond.

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