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Since 2012, we've mastered the influencer game: separating hype from hit. Our tailored campaigns don't just fit—they amplify, meshing with your teams to deliver explosive metrics.

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We manage the entire process with outcomes in mind.

We set clear campaign-specific goals and collaborate with you on approvals from end-to-end. Our personalized process starts with strategy and continues into identification, campaign building, outreach, tracking & reporting, and finally, optimization.

Filling the gaps and
meshing the gears.

Collaborating tightly to build a comprehensive approach with adjacent functions you
already have in place – PR, advertising, retail, events, etc – is what we specialize in. We
make 1+1+1=5. And if you don't already have those disciplined staffed, we know the
best of the best that can help craft the most integrated campaign possible.

The big and the small…
we’ll handle it.

Every campaign is unique, and we will act and track accordingly. Whether this includes dropping pixels, amplifying influencer or owned content, tracking conversions, executing events, distributing coupons via SMS, or e-mail marketing — we’re a multi-faceted crew that can drive it all.

We’ll help you find Your Tribe.

No matter what demographic you are looking to reach, we will identify the most relevant influencers and recruit them to participate–from moms, to gamers, to outdoor enthusiasts. More importantly, we make sure they are truly Your Tribe, and that they share your values, enthusiasm, and vision for the community you’re building together.

It’s all about community.

Gather around.

Unique to Markerly is our approach of involving leading influencers in the final stages of campaign conception. After determining campaign goals, audiences and approaches, we identify key top influencers we want in the campaign and invite them to the strategy table to help validate and shape the campaign in its final stages to maximize community impact and buy-in.

Give, don’t take.

We firmly believe that good business and social good are not opposing forces. We challenge ourselves on every campaign to determine thoughtful ways we can infuse elements that will leave a positive contribution that Your Tribe will discuss long after the campaign is over. Make your campaign a cause.

Campaign Conception

We’ve been running influencer campaigns since 2012. We know what works. We will live and breathe your desired outcomes and develop a strategy that will get you there. Whether you’re putting together a media plan, launching a new product, or planning an event, we’ve seen it all and will apply that knowledge from conception to execution.

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