Spreading Social Good With Influencer Marketing on TikTok

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TikTok has a very personal—almost “raw”—feel to it that many other social media platforms aren’t able to replicate. Due to the short-form videos and almost vlog-style approach that many TikTok creators take, users may feel more connected to the influencers on the platform, resulting in unusually high engagement rates.

Influencers on TikTok can come off as more genuine and authentic, creating a unique opportunity for influencer marketing, as the connection and level of interaction that an influencer has with their fans can be utilized for the spread of social good.

Keep reading to learn more about working with influencers to spread social good on TikTok and see some examples of this in action.

The State of Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Social media marketing has been around since the start of social media platforms, and the strategies used and opportunities that come with each platform are unique. TikTok influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to reach your target audience, especially if you have customers in a younger age group—almost 50% of TikTok’s user base is below the age of 30 and almost 70% is below the age of 40.

The viral aspect of TikTok is what makes it stand out from other social platforms. This can be very helpful for boosting brand awareness, but it can also help you spread your message—whatever that may be. Of course, the goal is to spread a message that is good for society and the world. 

Using TikTok Influencer Marketing to Spread Social Good

Many different types of content marketing strategies can be used to spread social good alongside brand and product promotion, but partnering with influencers for TikTok campaigns may be one of the most effective. 

Finding an influencer partner that is in line with your values and your mission is perhaps the most important first step for any brand that wants to authentically spread its message. Luckily, user-generated content is what makes TikTok the massive success it is, and there are seemingly endless content creators on this platform that create videos on a wide variety of topics.

Here are some examples of how brands have paired with influencer partners to help spread social good across the TikTok platform and in real life:

Erika Thompson and Guerlain

Erika Thompson of @texasbeeworks on TikTok raises awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystem and shows her adventures as she works to “save the bees.” She tries to partner with companies that “make meaningful commitments to our environment,” like @guerlain, a high-end beauty brand committed to sustainability.

Briana Richardson and Pair Eyewear

Briana Richardson (@honestteachervibes) is a teacher and TikTok entertainer and influencer spreading awareness about the real-life difficulties and issues that teachers face. She has partnered with @paireyewear in the past to promote their glasses with snap-on frames. This brand wants to help people express themselves, and they also have a program that provides glasses to children in need.

Shane Brown and Casetify

An influencer with over 10 million followers dedicated to cleaning the oceans, @shangerdanger, shares his ocean escapades with his followers and encourages TikTok users to do their part in keeping oceans clean. He has partnered with @casetify in the past, a phone case brand that uses up to 65% recycled material in their cases, and has a recycling program that allows people to dispose of their old phone cases properly.


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♬ original sound – CEO of the Ocean

Spencer Barbosa and Princess Polly

@spencer.barbosa is a body positivity influencer with over 6 million followers that encourages young women to feel good in their own bodies and embrace their style. She has partnered with fashion brands like @princesspolly, a popular online fashion boutique to promote their products and review their clothing.

Shelbi Storme and Bank of the West

@shelbizleee is a TikTok creator with over 200,000 followers that promotes sustainability and shares advice on how to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. She has partnered with @bankofthewest, a bank that prioritizes global outlook and implements financial policies that help protect the environment and the people of the world.


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♬ original sound – Shelbi Storme

Closing Words

When partnering with influencers on any platform, many brands’ top priority is increasing brand awareness or visibility to make more sales. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this—after all, business is business and you invest in marketing to make a return. But there’s no reason to put a limit on priorities! 

TikTok can be a great platform for launching influencer marketing campaigns that both help your business thrive and spread social good. If you’re just getting started in the influencer marketing world or you want to shift your strategy to focus more on spreading social good, Markerly can help you find the most fitting influencer partners for your brand and build a successful campaign. To get started, contact us!

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