Expanding Visibility: How To Get Your TikTok on the “FYP”

Nov 24, 2021 — Markerly Editorial Team, 3 min read

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With 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms alongside Facebook and Instagram. TikTok is also a great platform for brands to reach the younger generations, as about 48% of the app’s user base (in the U.S.) falls between the ages of 10 to 29 years old. TikTok is also an increasingly popular choice for many modern influencers who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Going “viral” on TikTok greatly increases visibility for both individuals and brands. To capitalize on the attention that virality brings, your video needs to make it to the For You Page (FYP) where it will be shown to millions upon millions of users.

Keep reading to learn how to get your TikTok on the FYP and get a better understanding of TikTok’s algorithm.

What Is the “For You Page”?

The For You Page, also called the “FYP” is akin to the Instagram explore page or YouTube recommended section. TikTok takes your interests and past interactions with videos into account and shows you content and content creators that you might like. 

TikTok’s algorithm is complex. The Wall Street Journal reported that shares, follows, likes, the amount of watch time you spend on certain videos, and more can affect the content that appears on a user’s FYP. 

When a person first signs up for TikTok, the FYP shows them a variety of popular videos that have been viewed and liked by millions of people. As the user scrolls, the algorithm tracks the amount of time spent on each video (and other metrics mentioned above) to narrow down a user’s interests with almost frightening precision. 

This makes for a great marketing opportunity, but how do you create content that will make it to a person’s For You Page? Brands have been using TikTok to boost their visibility with great success. Take a look at the official Lionsgate TikTok account that has 3.4 million followers and 63.3 million likes associated with their videos. Lionsgate is a great case study, as they mix all of the following strategies to make hit videos every time.

Use Trending Hashtags and Memes

Much like the fashion trends that sweep through new generations every several decades, social media culture is often determined by trends. Thanks to the nature of the internet, these trends are incredibly fast-moving. The memes and hashtags that are in circulation at any one time are akin to giant inside jokes, and they catch the online world by storm as frequently as every few days. Using popular hashtags underneath your video and “hopping on the bandwagon” with trending jokes and topics can be taken a step further by using trending sounds.

Add Trending Sounds

Almost any variety of “sound” or song can be used on TikTok as a soundtrack to a video. Much like trending memes, jokes, and hashtags, sounds carry a lot of weight in the TikTok community. 

A single well-performing video can popularize a sound to the point of virality. Users can search for videos by sound, which allows them to see every video that contains it. When you follow the comedy or content creation trends and pair them with a popular sound or song, it makes your video even more appealing to the algorithms and moderators that select content for the FYP.

Create Relevant & High-Quality Content 

Consider the strategy of the Lionsgate TikTok account managers. They use well-known pop culture movies like Twilight, The Hunger Games, American Psycho, etc. to draw people’s attention and then capitalize on that interest by making entertaining and relevant content based on the current trends. 

Of course, this can be replicated by any brand that wishes to promote its products or services with the help of some ingenuity and creativity. The goal is to create content that is relevant and “with the times” while also catering to the popular trends of the month, week, or day.

In Review

Anyone can create a video that’s worthy of the For You Page. Casual TikTok users, brands, influencers, and even global entertainment studios like Lionsgate can go viral and show up on people’s For You Page when they use the right content creation strategies.

Keep up-to-date on the current trends, memes, hashtags, and sounds, and incorporate them into your videos to improve your chances of making it onto users’ FYPs. Inspired by the Lionsgate example? Click here to see examples of other brands that completely rule on TikTok.

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