As creators, consumers, and marketers in the age of Instagram, we know that being strategic with the ever-popular platform is key when influencing the masses (and the niches). 

Admittedly, the task of persuading and pursuing a group of Instagram users can often feel like no easy feat. With an excess of internet tips on how to navigate the platform’s marketing opportunities and Instagram’s seemingly complicated Insights tool, many users forgo understanding Instagram’s analytic features elsewhere.  

Markerly’s take on the matter? 

Utilize Instagram Insights to effectively strategize your social media content for present and future campaign initiatives. Trust us — it’s worth it. 

The best part? We want to help you do it. Here at Markerly, we are sparing you the stress that accompanies the initial exploration of Instagram’s Insight tools and are keeping it simple through our inside-look at the platform’s Insight Toolkit below. 


When you first open the Insights Tab on your Instagram Business profile, you are welcomed by three main sections: Overview, Audience, and Content You Shared. The first – and the bulkiest – is the ‘Overview Section.’

This section is where all users can find their Account Reach. According to Instagram, this insight regards “the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts, stories, including uprooted posts or stories, or IGTV videos, at least once.” In other words, this is where you can discover the general ‘worth’ of what you are posting. The metrics used to calculate this analytic are:

  • Profile visits
  • Website taps
  • Get direction taps
  • Call button taps
  • Email button taps
  • Text button taps

Tracking this section of your Instagram Insights is crucial when monitoring the overall effectiveness of your Instagram approach and follower-growth spectrum. If your objective is brand or influencer awareness, prominent visual marketing company, Later, established that pattern changes in your reach insights are the tell-all sign of how your content is translating. 

TIP: Don’t confuse impressions with reach. Impressions are the amount of times a piece of content has the potential to be viewed, rather than the number of unique accounts that viewed the content once (reach). According to Sprout Social, monitoring posts with a high “impressions-to-reach ratio” is a great way to see if a content strategy is performing well. 

The second section of the Overview tab is your Content Interactions. Essentially, these analytics monitor your grid-Post, Story, and IGTV interactivity data. This Insight is characterized by the following metrics:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Replies (Stories)
  • Shares (Stories)

By keeping track of these metrics, users will understand what content resonates with followers and what doesn’t. Take special consideration when viewing how many saves your posts receive. If this number is high, it is a great indicator that you are providing either value, inspiration, or both to your followers. 

TIP: When formulating content to generate interactions, it is key to consider questions on your overall growth and marketing goals. 

  • Does this post inspire our followers?
  • Does it teach our followers something or provide a relevant tip of sorts?
  • Would I, as a social media user myself, want to share this?


The second section of your Instagram Insights report consists of your follower breakdown. Within this analysis, you can view overall account growth (follows + unfollows) and demographic information. The metrics that make up the demographic section of your Audience Insight are:

  • Top Location
  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Most Active Times*

*Most Active Times is a graph that illustrates when your follower base is most active on Instagram (whether it be the time of day or weekday). 

Although monitoring profile growth is pivotal when considering if content strategy either helps or hinders your brand awareness, the demographic portion of your Audience Insight is major. With this Insight, social media managers can understand exactly who they are communicating to. With newfound follower information, you can tailor up-to-date content towards building your measured target market and adhering to their enjoyments (Content Interactions). This insight can define one of your biggest consumers, which is necessary for constructing your social media strategy. Use this to your advantage!

TIP: Once you have viewed your Audience Insights, combine what you learned from your Overview Insight exploration with your follower findings and tweak your strategy to fit Instagram’s measured demographics. 

Content You Shared 

In the last tab of your Instagram Insights, you will find information regarding the past content you have shared on the platform. Whether it be a grid-Post, Story, or IGTV video, this Instagram tool will break it down by content matter (photos, videos, etc.), reach (metrics stated above), and timeline (two years to seven days). 

This section of your Instagram Insights is the easiest way to view specific posts that worked and those that didn’t. Reviewing the performance of your posts, stories, and IGTV videos through this tool will give you immediate awareness of successful content pursuits. It is important to monitor this post-by-post and keep tabs on the trends your account either pioneered or utilized that followers appear to enjoy.

TIP: After reviewing your profile’s Content You Shared tab, note what content and copy were popular. What marketing tactics did that post or story use? Was it a giveaway or a reply post about current events? Whatever it is, make a note of it and implement it into your future content schedule.

The aesthetically pleasing analytics of Instagram insights are initially prettier than they are understandable. However, simplifying them and adding your results to a content strategy is not only useful but determining. Regardless of your marketing objectives or commitment to social media marketing, employing your Instagram Insights is the first step to long-term effectiveness.