How to Repurpose Content for your 2023 Marketing Campaigns

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From blog posts to webinars, content is the key to connecting with your target audience and driving leads and sales. Not only that, but the quality of the content that you produce can have a significant impact on how successful your marketing campaigns are.

With an abundance of factors to take into account, it can get overwhelming and time-consuming when it comes to planning for upcoming campaigns.

However, there is one increasingly popular strategy that many marketers are turning to Repurposed content.

Repurposing content is a fantastic way to use what you already have to create something fresh and new!

Take the eBook that you wrote last year, for example. Why not take it and turn it into a series of captivating blog posts? Or maybe those webinars that you created earlier this month can now be turned into impressive infographics or even an audio podcast episode! Repurposing your existing content opens up endless possibilities – don’t limit yourself when there are so many other ways to share your knowledge with the world.

The idea is that you make the most out of the content you already have, saving time in your marketing campaigns and getting great results.

In this article, we’ll provide a high-level overview of how to strategically utilize repurposed content for your 2023 marketing campaigns so that you can save time and focus on other aspects of your day-to-day operations!

Identifying Content That Is Performing Well

The first step in any repurposing strategy is to identify the content that’s performing well while simultaneously gauging whether that content will be in alignment with your goals moving into the new year.

Think about the relationship between the content you posted and the timeframe in which you posted it. Was it a political podcast that spoke on a specific topic that was only relevant to that distinct time period? 

Or was it diverse enough to be curated into something unique to where you are now? For example, a blog topic that provided readers with a high-level overview of “Why crypto-currency is the future.”

The latter can be used to create multiple social media posts or Instagram reels that showcase you discussing the content that was written in the blog.

How to check metrics to see which content performed the best

Once you have identified the content that might be repurposed, it’s time to examine its performance. Measurement tools such as Google Analytics or any other metric tracking tool can help you determine which content is performing well and why.

From there, gauge whether recycling this content in a new format makes sense. This will give you an idea of what topics performed best with your target audience and provide insight into what type of content they’d most likely engage with moving forward.

Finding New Ways To Reuse Existing Content

Now that you have identified content that performed well and assessed its relevance, the next step is to brainstorm new ways to recycle this content. Think about which channels your audience is most active on and what type of content works best for each platform. 

Utilizing Reusable Assets to Create Multiple Pieces

The idea is to create variations of the same piece of content that will work best for different channels and audiences. In doing so, you can reach a larger pool of prospects without spending more time or money creating new content.

Reusable assets are a great way to create multiple pieces of content quickly and easily. These include stock images, video footage, infographics, audio clips, or other assets that can be repurposed for different channels.

For example, if you have a podcast episode that speaks on the same topic as an existing blog post, consider using some audio clips from that episode in a Youtube video to promote the blog post itself.

Leveraging AI and Automation Tools to Help With Repurposing

The power of AI and automation tools must be recognized regarding content repurposing. These tools can help you quickly create and optimize content for different channels with minimal effort.

If you’re unfamiliar, AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms can help you quickly analyze the performance of your content and make recommendations for optimizing it based on your target audience’s behavior. Automation tools, on the other hand, allow you to streamline your workflow by scheduling posts or creating templates that can be used to repurpose existing content with ease.

If you’re interested in a more seamlessly streamlined process, some AI and automation tools you can look into include:

Hootsuite + lately

Lately, is an advanced artificial intelligence content creation tool designed just for social media marketers.

It integrates with Hootsuite to analyze your account’s metrics and familiarize itself with what keywords and phrases generate the most engagement on your page, using this data to construct a writing model tailored specifically for you in order to produce long-form content that matches both your desired voice and tone of communication.

Lately can also take existing long-form content, like blog posts, and break it down into multiple headlines and short content pieces for social, all designed to maximize response. This is exactly what we’re looking for in terms of repurposing.

As you review and edit the content, the AI continues to learn, so your automatically generated content will get better and better over time.


Canva is a powerful graphic design platform that enables you to create stunning visuals for your content quickly and easily. It includes an extensive library of templates, images, videos, and other assets that can be repurposed for different channels.

The incredible opportunity that Canva bestows upon its users is that it allows them to create templates that can be used over and over again. This is incredibly helpful if you are creating content for multiple channels, as it allows you to quickly and easily customize the same template depending on your needs.

This helps streamline the repurposing process, allowing you to spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time focusing on the creative work you enjoy.


Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can create a Zap (an automated workflow) that will automatically post your content to multiple social media accounts at once.

In terms of repurposing content, this tool comes in handy as it allows you to easily duplicate existing posts and make slight adjustments, such as changing the headline or adding a new image. This can be a great time-saver if you have multiple pieces of content that you want to post on different platforms.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when it comes to repurposing content.

In a world where digital marketers and social media influencers are pumping out 5 TikToks per day, or maybe uploading 4 podcasts per week on Youtube, it can be hard to keep up.

However, by repurposing thoughtful, relevant, and engaging content with the help of AI and automation tools, you can easily keep up (and even get ahead) of the competition!

With the tips provided in the article, you can quickly and easily take one piece of content and turn it into something that can be leveraged across multiple channels and reach a larger audience.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your content creation process, don’t. Look back at what you already have and create a consistent stream of content that will keep your audience engaged for longer!

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Since 2015, she has been working with enterprise clients around the world developing RegTech protocols and best practices. She has worked both enterprise side and with sovereign governments, acting as a key contributor for notable public projects like DCOM. Since 2020, she has taken a less active role in compliance consulting and started sharing her insights. Additionally, she contributes to Markerly’s blog regularly and is a valued contributor.

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