Benefits of Using Short-Form Videos in Marketing

Jun 24, 2022 — Markerly Editorial Team, 5 min read

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Brands running digital marketing campaigns increasingly turn to short-form video content to promote their products and services on social media. Found on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, short-form videos are an attention-grabbing marketing technique aimed at younger audiences with shorter attention spans.

Short-form videos are an excellent option for marketing teams looking to gain attention on social media platforms to reach target audiences and increase brand awareness. This article will cover the benefits of using short-form videos in content marketing and why your brand should consider short-form videos in future campaigns.

What Are Short-Form Videos?

Short-form videos are posted on social media and are under 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. With the rise of social media platforms centered on users watching videos, short-form videos have gained the attention of brands venturing into digital marketing.

Despite the video length, short-form videos can provide audiences with essential data about a brand’s product or service. As marketing landscapes continue to evolve, brands must consider short-form videos as a viable form of content to reach their target audiences and successfully generate a larger following.

Examples of Short-Form Video Formats

Social media platforms are quickly implementing features that allow for short-form video content creation. In influencer marketing, short-form videos benefit brands looking to sell their products and services by partnering with influencers that prioritize short-form video content.

Currently, a widely known example of short-form video content is TikTok videos. Short-form videos provide audiences with bite-sized content that is still educational and engaging. Still, there are many TikTok alternatives to consider. Along with TikTok, there are Instagram Reels, Facebook videos, and the YouTube App that brands use to feature to produce content for users with a short attention span.

As short-form videos continue to be popularized, more social media platforms adapt from long videos to offering short-form video features. No matter which digital channels are best for finding your target audience, there is a short-video feature to leverage.

Several social networks have pivoted to short video options. For example, YouTube allows users to post YouTube shorts, while platforms like Snapchat and Instagram continue to utilize story features to gain a wider audience.

Why Short-Form Videos Are Gaining Popularity

Because social media is relevant in the marketing world, branded video content is increasingly common. As a digital marketer, you have likely seen the rise of short-form videos in branded content. However, the question remains: why have short-form videos gained popularity in recent years?

One of the primary reasons people consume short-form videos is because this content is quick and easy to consume. When marketing teams create shorts, they have the opportunity to convey their brand’s message in a comprehensive format that keeps audiences interested.

Short-form videos are also low-commitment, meaning that target audiences are more likely to sit through the entirety of a brand’s content. Whereas long-form videos risk losing audiences with shorter attention spans, short-form content eliminates any fluff that may turn audiences away from other brands. Many people use social media as a source of educational content. Unlike other content, they can consume social any point in their day without dedicating too much time or attention to the video.

Another reason short-form videos are gaining popularity is that this content comes off as casual and personable when executed correctly. Brands partnering with TikTok or Instagram influencers benefit from short-form content because it is easy to digest and because of the close relationship that audiences have with their favorite influencers. Content creators can make educational videos about a brand’s products and services with short-form content that avoids the risk of appearing preachy and forced.

Benefits of Using Short-Form Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

There are various benefits to using short-form videos as a part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. One of the primary reasons why brands choose to create short-form videos is because this format allows marketing teams to keep up with trends. Because short-form marketing content is made quickly, marketing teams are better able to capitalize on marketing trends while constantly keeping things fresh.

Your brand gains audience trust by creating an emotional connection with your audience through advertising. In fact, customers are 71% more likely to recommend brands if they feel an emotional connection to the brand.

Short-form videos are not expected to be flawless or to hit every single detail about a brand’s products. However, they are expected to be up-to-date on social media trends, and brands should publish short-form content frequently to ensure that viewers remain engaged with their products or services.

Additionally, short-form videos are easy to tailor to specific platforms. For example, some brands might partner with a TikTok influencer to create explainer videos that are short, engaging and representative of their product’s features. Having custom content for different social media platforms benefits brands looking to expand their audience.

With long-form content, making unique videos relevant to each social media platform is near impossible. However, because of how easy it is for brands to make a short-form video, marketing teams can produce original content across various platforms.

Short-form videos are also helpful for marketing teams looking to engage with target audiences in a way that doesn’t merely sell products but explains a product and its benefits. Short-form videos are not meant to be used as a sales pitch to convince audiences to choose a brand’s product. Ultimately, a short-form video is used to form a connection between the brand and the audience. This connection fosters trust and encourages the audience to return to the brand in the future.

Tips For Creating Engaging Short-Form Videos

For brands to succeed in short-form video content, there are specific tips marketing teams must follow. Creating a genuine connection with your audience is critical for the success of your digital campaigns and is a major pain point video can address. You can do so not only with your own social media content but also by partnering with an influencer with a similar audience. However, creating this relationship requires knowledge of the art of the short-form marketing video.

One essential tip marketing teams must take into account when creating short-form content is to focus on user-generated content. User-generated content is posted by your target audience, which sometimes involves social media influencers. However, user-generated content is also done when brands shine a light on their loyal customers that post content about the brand’s products and services.

Along with user-generated content, brands can create engaging short-form videos through storytelling. Because of the time limit, short-form videos cannot tell a detailed story–however, this does not mean that marketing teams should avoid stories altogether. Using the right editing tools, you can create an impactful story for your target group of people, like in an animated explainer video showcasing your brand origin story. Creating a story gives audiences an emotional connection to your brand and is a great show of your brand’s values and messages.

Short-form video content like TikTok videos is famous for its soundbites, music, and other audio trends. When your marketing team creates short-form video content, it is essential to look into these trends to maximize the number of people your content reaches. 

Engaging sound effects and audios work on platforms outside of TikTok as well. Sound in your advertisements engages audiences with your brand instantly, particularly for trending audios that catch the viewer’s attention.

Final Words

Connecting with audiences through short-form video content marketing has massive potential for brands looking to partner with influencers or create content for their social media pages. Regardless of your marketing strategies, exploring short-form video content can help you reach audiences with whom you may struggle to connect otherwise.

Luckily, brands venturing into influencer marketing and short-form video content do not have to navigate the process alone. Markerly is a platform dedicated to helping brands understand and excel in influencer marketing that is transparent and impactful. To find the audience you are looking for, contact the experts at Markerly and start realizing your brand’s full potential.

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