Do Influencers Make Money From Discount Codes?

Jun 28, 2022 — Markerly Editorial Team, 4 min read

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Frequent social media users are probably familiar with seeing favorite influencers promote coupon codes. You may have even used some of these codes yourself. While everyone loves a good discount, brands hoping to work with an influencer may wonder about the benefits of discount codes for brands and influencers alike.

Influencers can profit from promoting your brand’s discount and promo codes to their audiences. However, your brand’s marketing team must understand how influencer discount codes work and how to promote the codes that most benefit your brand and the influencer you partner with.

This article will discuss influencer discount codes and how your brand can use them to reach your target audience, building a connection with the influencers you work alongside.

What Are Discount Codes?

Before asking influencers to promote your brand with a discount code, let’s explore what discount codes are and why they’re effective in influencer marketing. Essentially, discount codes are a marketing strategy in digital campaigns. Discount codes are what consumers enter at checkout to get money off of their purchases. You can often find discount codes in influencers’ posts to promote the brand they work alongside.

You can theme codes for seasonal sales, send them to all the email addresses on your mailing list, and distribute them to your affiliate networks. Custom discount codes work great with sales tracking software because you can trace the origin of the discount and easily attribute the sale. You can also shut down certain codes after a set period of time, or after they are no longer being used as intended.

Influencers and Discount Codes

Influencers and discount codes often go hand in hand when a brand discusses influencer marketing. Though your brand may already be involved in influencer marketing campaigns, your marketing team should consider including discount codes in the next sponsored influencer post.

Influencers and discount codes are commonly discussed because discount codes are one of the primary ways influencers earn money through social media marketing. Though influencers also make money through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, paid promotions, and affiliate links, discount codes are effective because they drive significant traffic to your brand’s website.

When influencers share discount codes for your brand, they encourage their dedicated audience to visit your website and use their code. This brings traffic and sales to the business that the influencer is promoting and puts money in the influencer’s pocket–and, ideally, in your brand’s pocket as well.

How Do Influencers Make Money From Discount Codes?

There are several ways influencers make money from using your brand’s discount codes. Most commonly, influencers get a small payment every time someone uses their unique code at checkout on your brand’s landing pages.

When tracking sales, brand marketing teams often pay influencers for each customer they bring in through their custom code. Whenever a customer buys a brand’s products or services using the influencer’s code or an affiliate link, the influencer earns commissions based on their contract with the brand. Though this is the most common way influencers make money from discount codes, it’s not the only one.

Tracking sales is essential to brands in figuring out how much revenue an influencer has brought the company. Many social media content creators prefer to earn a flat rate when posting discount codes and branded content to their social media profiles or Instagram story. This is typically based on the contract length and pre-determined agreements about the type and frequency of content the influencer posts.

How Brands Benefit From Using Discount Codes

Though influencers can benefit from using discount codes, brand marketing teams may question how their business can benefit from using discount codes to track influencer conversion rates and sales. One of the primary ways that brands benefit from influencer discount codes is that marketing teams can easily track campaign performance to measure the overall effectiveness of influencer partnerships.

Brands can benefit in various ways from using influencer discount codes. Brands use discount codes in influencer marketing campaigns because it’s one of the most promising ways to convert leads who are still tentative about your products or services. When leads learn about your brand from their favorite influencers, they may be intrigued but hesitant to follow through with a purchase. Some of this uncertainty fades with an influencer discount code, even in the most skeptical consumers.

Additionally, using discount codes in influencer marketing campaigns benefits brands marketing to existing customers. While discount codes are essential for drawing in new customers. They also encourage past buyers to seek new products from your brand that they may not have looked into. 

Finally, brands can gain significant revenue and customer loyalty by using influencer discount codes. These codes allow for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Discounts instantly open up your brand to untapped audiences, helping new customers explore your products or services. Knowing about the deal, they are more likely to invest in your brand because of the lower risk.

Final Words

Using discount codes can put your brand’s influencer marketing ROI into perspective and give your marketing team insights into their influencer marketing strategies. Discount codes don’t benefit just your customers. They can play a role in your marketing success, driving revenue to your brand and the influencer your brand works with.

Some brands may be skeptical about using discount codes in influencer marketing campaigns. The experts at Markerly can provide reassurance and valuable resources to successfully use discount codes in your brand’s social media marketing. Markerly is an expert marketing agency and social media management platform. We help companies make stronger connections with their target audience through effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Using discount codes in influencer marketing campaigns does not have to be overly complicated. With help from the expert team at Markerly, your brand can successfully use influencer promo codes to drive revenue. Contact the team at Markerly today to get started on your next social media campaign and ensure success.

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