You may have noticed some changes with Markerly over the last couple of months – we’ve got a new look! We refreshed our website to really reflect the passion and personality behind our company, our clients, and our service offerings. What we’re most excited about though is the innovation we’ve added underneath the hood. Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of our Influencer Network as a Service, allowing brands to build their own influencer networks with full campaign management capabilities and influencer CRM tools.



What was the driving force behind our platform update?  Well, it was you – we know how valuable your marketing dollars are to your brand, so passing off total control to someone else isn’t always the most comfortable thing. Our platform returns that control to the brand and empowers them through total ownership of their content, data, and influencer relationships, ensuring they are set up to succeed through influencer marketing.


So, what’s new?  We’re glad you asked. Our influencer network as a service offering – which evolved from our existing network-building and management capabilities – will allow brands to save time and resources by streamlining workflow and providing next-generation data warehousing.  The entirely inclusive service empowers brands with:


  • Full control over communications, pricing, and contracts
  • Elimination of hidden fees
  • Simplified payment tracking
  • Complete ownership of data
  • Turn-key management, training, and on-site workshops


The service features two new components with enhanced functionality – Discover and Streamline – providing ease and efficiency to brands looking to build, manage and analyze their own influencer networks. The service consolidates all aspects of an influencer campaign –ranging from communication to content creation to payments – into one centralized, easy-to-use platform for total control.




Discover is designed to give brands full access to the most relevant and impactful influencers by using proprietary search technology. Through this component, brands can identify which influencers are best suited for individual campaigns in a completely unrestricted fashion.


The enhanced search functionality enables highly focused filters to be applied, allowing for brands to hone in on specific characteristics that they require their influencers to have before broadening their scope. The search can be filtered by category, engagement, reach, keywords, location, and social media platform, to ensure that brands are connecting with and activating influencers that fit within the brand’s ethos.




The Streamline component is meant to consolidate all information, communication, and data. Enhanced capabilities include new CRM functionality, which provides an in-depth understanding of campaign audiences including location, demographics, etc. Simultaneously, the company has included its standard tracking and real-time reporting capabilities to ensure brands can collect valuable data regarding influencer activity and engagement.


If you’re not totally ready to take the wheel and drive your campaign on your own, we still offer the same robust full service campaign management as always. Either way, we want to be your partner and help your brand achieve the influence it deserves.


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