In a year unlike any other, it’s difficult to say what the holidays will look like. Plenty of this years’ plans have already changed, so it’s safe to say that the holidays likely will as well. This goes for everything, from travel plans to gift-giving. While we can do our best to predict trends for this year, things are sure to change due to the pandemic.


It’s no secret that this holiday season will look quite different from years past. With the ongoing pandemic, many traditions will be altered, including holiday advertising and shopping. Due to social distancing guidelines, many people will still be avoiding in-person shopping when possible. Approximately “71% of US adults said they plan to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally this year.” This presents an excellent opportunity for influencers and e-commerce brands. 


People are spending significantly more time on social media these days, and influencers have an opportunity to work with more brands. This means that since consumers aren’t doing as much in-person shopping, they might rely more on social media for product recommendations and holiday gifts. Although it may seem like the holidays are still far off, now is the time for influencers to solidify their holiday partnerships.


Brands are also recognizing that they have a unique opportunity to take advantage of influencer partnerships, especially on booming platforms like TikTok. After hitting 2 billion downloads in April, more and more brands have been expanding their social media marketing efforts to TikTok, especially those with younger target audiences. Be sure to look out for more brands advertising on TikTok as the holidays approach, as the potential for growth using video on the app is exponential.


A trend we’ve seen from past years during the holidays is gift guides created by influencers and content creators. These gift guides consist of curated lists of gifts for different people in your lifeeveryone from kids to co-workers. Suppose you can partner with an influencer to have your product included in a gift guide. In that case, you’re almost certain to increase the visibility of your business. Content from influencers is also more authentic to people who follow them for their genuine product recommendations.


Another notable change for this year’s holiday season has occurred. Many people have altered or canceled their travel plans to stay home and avoid large gatherings with extended family. In turn, this means that people will rely more heavily on online ordering to get their gifts to family and friends. According to a recent survey by Mavrck, 59.8% of people say they will not be traveling or will travel less than usual traveling this holiday season. 


Many consumers will also be looking to support small, local businesses when possible. In a challenging financial year, many small businesses are struggling, and shoppers will be eager to shop local during the holidays. Others will look to support minority-owned businesses and brands that promote diversity in campaigns, which is something to consider when choosing which influencers to work with. Influencers who represent authenticity and keep a positive image of diversity will project a more inclusive persona for brands in today’s society. 


It’s also important to note that many consumers are looking to cut costs in a financially difficult year for many Americans. In a time when health and safety can be uncertain, some may consider spending less on their gifts.  Instead, they may focus more on spending time with family and friends while avoiding large gatherings. As a result, we can expect that there will be many unique campaigns and authentic content from influencers. Overall, this year should be interesting, with the potential to change the holiday marketing landscape for years to come.