With the holidays behind us, you may be wondering what the most popular Instagram-worthy trends were this holiday season. We are here with the full recap.


#1: Decorating Gingerbread Houses

With the help of Pinterest, many found gingerbread house decoration inspiration in no time. Whether it was a decorating competition with friends or a cozy night in with hot cocoa, the pictures turned out amazing. Sorting gingerbread house decorations into individual bowls was quite popular, and an easy way to make the decorating set-up more Insta-worthy. For decorating competitions, we also saw many using IG story polls to pick the “winners.”


#2: Making Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you haven’t already heard, hot cocoa bombs were the trendiest new holiday treat with a huge amount of likes on Instagram. Detailed instructions on making hot chocolate bombs can be found here, but here’s the short version. Begin by melting some chocolate chips and spreading the melted chocolate into spherical molds. Freeze and once hardened, fill one half of the sphere with a few tablespoons of hot cocoa mix and anything else you’d like to add in—crushed candy canes, marshmallows, sprinkles, etc. To finish, place the other half of the sphere on a hot skillet for a few seconds to slightly melt the edges, and connect it to the filled half. When ready to use, heat up some milk, drop in the hot chocolate bomb, stir and enjoy!


#3: Visiting a Light Display

Whether this meant driving through a local neighborhood or buying tickets to walk through a curated light display in your city, going to look at lights was a holiday tradition that couldn’t be beat. People across the country pulled out their favorite winter wear, grabbed some hot chocolate, and snapped some festive Instagram photos.


#4: Ice Skating

Ice Skating, a classic holiday tradition for many, was certainly an Instagrammable excursion this holiday season. Whether a date or a day with friends, ice skating was never a bad idea this holiday season.

Now pause…let’s play a quick game of ice skating trivia! The answer will be at the end of this post.

Taking your best guess, which of these fun facts about ice skating is FALSE?

  1. Ice Skating is the oldest winter game
  2. Ice Skates used to be made of animal bones
  3. Figure skating began in 1790

The best news is most ice skating rinks are still open through the winter season. So grab your hats, scarves, and gloves, and who knows, it may be love at frost sight. 


#5: Making Homemade Ornaments


With many finding themselves spending more time at home this holiday season, making homemade ornaments quickly became a popular trend, and the design possibilities were truly endless. There was nothing more Instagram-worthy than making aesthetically-pleasing ornaments perfect for your own tree, and documenting the process along the way. Whether your decor style was more traditional, farmhouse, or whimsical, DIY ornaments covered them all. This simple and popular design was made using some string, wooden beads, and a jingle bell. Begin by folding a long string in half and attaching a jingle bell to the connected end of the folded string. Then string on as many beads as you’d like, and finish the beaded section by tying a knot to secure them. Finish by creating a loop at the top of the string to hang the ornament, and you’re done! A video tutorial can be found here.


We hope that this post gave you a fun recap of the Instagram-worthy holiday trends in 2020!


Trivia Answer: #3 was false! Figure skating first began in 1850, not 1790.