Testing Markerly’s bookmarklet, finding bugs, and fixing them is what Markerly does…all day.

We decided to create a bookmarklet because it allows you to highlight and bookmark any page. Problem is, the bookmarklet doesn’t work within iFramed pages.

You can’t Markerly a page like StumbleUpon or Digg, or pLnx. If we do switch gears from bookmarklet to iFrame, then we inevitably we will encounter sites that have iFrame killers, too. Just like Facebook doesn’t allow you to use the PinIt button, Google doesn’t allow you to iFrame their Google searches.

We’re thinking of exploring making Markerly an iFrame. What are your thoughts on iFrames? One advantage would be that a mobile version would be more quickly on the horizon.

What’s more important to users, an iFrame page that works almost anywhere, or a bookmarklet bar that doesn’t allow you to highlight iFramed pages?