Is Your TikTok Not Getting on the FYP?

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When you’re venturing into the digital marketing landscape, video content marketing is one of the most appealing—and daunting—strategies you can use to reach your target audience. Out of the social media platforms that allow video marketing, TikTok has gained a strong presence in recent years. For this reason, many brands have started considering video content marketing via TikTok to increase brand awareness and reach their target audience.

However, posting your marketing content on TikTok isn’t as simple as making a video and uploading it. Because of the massive worldwide user base of over 1 billion people and the large volume of videos posted to TikTok daily, your brand will want to find ways to appear on the TikTok For You Page (FYP). 

To do this, your marketing team must implement strategies to improve your chances of appearing on the TikTok FYP. This article will cover the importance of TikTok for your future digital marketing campaigns and share tips for getting a post on TikTok to trend.

Why Your Brand Should Start a TikTok Strategy

Though social media marketing strategies have become more successful since the dawn of digitization, your brand may still be reluctant to venture out onto platforms unfamiliar to your marketing team. Despite TikTok gaining popularity relatively recently compared to “older” social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok videos have become one of the most popular ways for brands to market their products and services.

Having a content-based strategy on TikTok can massively increase the number of people that come in contact with your brand via social media. The 100 million active TikTok users in the United States alone mean that your brand can connect with a broad audience of potential buyers interested in learning more about you.

Why Getting on the FYP Is Important

Creating marketing videos based on what your target audience is seeking is not the final step to getting your products and services noticed on TikTok. Getting your content on TikTok’s FYP is essential to finding the audience you are looking for with this unique platform. 

If your TikTok videos don’t make it to the FYP, that essentially means that they aren’t showing up in people’s feeds. This means that you won’t have a lot of visibility on the platform, nor will you have a great chance of reaching your intended audience.

How Does the FYP Work?

TikTok’s FYP recommends monthly active users with TikTok videos that the algorithm suggests based on the user’s commonly viewed content and other factors. Given that your primary goal is not to reach just anybody, but to specifically get to your target audience, the FYP on TikTok is essential to building a foundation for marketing success. 

Depending on the video information being presented in your TikTok campaign, the FYP will suggest your content to the people most likely to be interested in what your brand is offering. 

Along with reaching your target audience, getting your content to TikTok’s FYP eliminates the risk that your target audience will struggle to discover your content. The TikTok FYP is the first thing that appears when you open the TikTok app, and therefore, it is the point where your brand is most likely to make an impression and get attention. Ultimately, your brand recognition on TikTok will primarily rely upon whether or not your content lands on a user’s FYP.

Reasons Your TikToks Might Not Be on the FYP

If you have tried repeatedly to create content that appears on the TikTok FYP to no avail, there are likely some issues in your campaign that are holding you back from reaching this goal. 

For example, some brands struggle to land on TikTok’s FYP because of a lack of understanding of TikTok’s algorithm. The fewer views your video gets, the less likely it is that TikTok’s algorithm will favor your content. To land on the FYP, brands must use tactics to improve how they appear in the algorithm.

In addition to understanding the TikTok algorithm, you should prioritize learning about how your marketing team can use different TikTok features to gain more viewers for your brand content. A popular way of working with the TikTok algorithm is to use trending hashtags many users search for. When you have mastered the art of the hashtag, FYP rankings for your brand will become a realistic possibility.

Your marketing team should also consider other factors playing into low views of your content. Perhaps your videos are low quality, not relevant to the audience you’re trying to engage with, or you’re participating in outdated trends. If you want to gain serious traction for your brand by marketing on TikTok, you should make sure you’re catering to your audience’s needs and desires while also using TikTok features to your advantage.

Tips for Getting on TikTok’s FYP

So, what are the steps that your marketing team can take to find your way onto TikTok’s FYP? While there are various methods you might consider, your brand should prioritize some of the following tips to increase the likelihood of reaching TikTok’s FYP.

Use Trending Audio

First, your brand’s marketing team should prioritize what is trending. One advantage of marketing on TikTok is that marketers can easily find trending content. TikTok shows users trending sounds/audio that creators can utilize within their own content. 

Depending on your brand’s message and tone, looking into the trending sounds and audios your team comes across can give your brand a strong chance of getting to the FYP.

Stay Up to Date on Popular Jokes

If your marketing team isn’t interested in incorporating trending sounds and audios into your content, you can still prioritize trends to land on the FYP. For example, some brands that post marketing content on TikTok follow popular meme formats and use these trends in their content to reach an audience through humor or relevance.

Create a Posting Schedule

Additionally, finding the right time to post is essential to success through TikTok marketing. Your social media marketing team should craft a regular posting schedule to ensure your videos actually have the chance to get noticed. This isn’t a one-and-done strategy!

Posting at specific times during certain weekdays is also something your brand should consider for maximum engagement. A recent study by Influencer Marketing Hub showed that optimal posting times vary greatly depending on the weekday.

Final Words

Navigating TikTok content marketing and figuring out how to master the For You Page algorithm is challenging yet critical for any brand looking to market via social media platforms. 

For brands venturing into the TikTok marketing landscape, Markerly can help guide your team and determine the best strategies to create a successful campaign. With the help of Markerly’s experts, your brand can make a name for itself on some of the most popular and relevant social media platforms out there! Contact us today to discuss your brand and your marketing strategy.

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