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When someone asked us if we’d volunteer our time to visit a local school show and show the kids Google Glass we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Having a startup makes it really difficult to find time to give back, so when the opportunity presented itself we instantly knew it was worth it to take a couple hours out of our day to spread some inspiration to these kids.

Heidi, a teacher who works at the School of the Epiphany, a private Catholic school in San Francisco, welcomed us. It’s not your typical private school comprised of privileged children from wealthy families – many of the children’s parents are 1st generation immigrants and work 2-3 jobs to send their children here so that they have a better chance. The children’s parents take their education very seriously, and work so hard to provide this opportunity to them so that they can have real careers one day and achieve the “American Dream”.

Heidi teaches a class called Inside The Computer for kids interested in learning how to program. The kids use eMac’s that are over a decade old. Imagine their excitement when we showed up with Google Glass.

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We answered an overload of questions and gave each child an opportunity to play with Glass. As soon as they put Glass on they knew just what to do with them. It’s incredible to see how children (6th-8th grade) pick up on technology so quickly.

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We asked what apps the kids would want to build for them. There were several great ideas, and one boy said he’d want to make an x-ray vision app. We laughed and said “Keep it PG! Why do you want to build an x-ray app for Glass?” to which he responded, “to help doctors with surgeries.” What a kid! America, we’re in good hands.

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I was so impressed at the ideas they came up with, and their eager entrepreneurial spirit. When we left their minds were buzzing with ideas, and mine was itching to watch their excitement and curiosity all over again.

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More pictures of our day at Epiphany School

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