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Aug 24, 2021 — admin, 3 min read

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To support the launch of Meow Mix’s new Tasty Layers food line and an album featuring remixes of the classic Meow Mix jingle (yes, you read that right!), the Markerly team went on a quest to discover the “next big thing” in the world of cat music. 

Meow Mix asked Markerly to identify human and cat influencers and lead the creation of cat-generated social media content to spread the word about Tasty Layers and promote the album launch. The resulting campaign was a mix of content across TikTok and Instagram, all starring cats and featuring Meow Mix products and audio. 

The Campaign

This campaign was unique in that our client Meow Mix operates in a very niche, yet crowded cat food market. To reach cats (and their humans!) who troll social media and are deeply ingrained in cat culture on Instagram and TikTok in particular, we were asked to find the perfect influencers with strong paw-holds in these spaces. This was the Markerly team’s first foray into the feline influencer space so carving out time to research potential creators was essential. 

In addition to our usual deep dive into post performance and follower engagement, we looked at each creator’s follower demographics. If the accounts were owned by the humans, how many other cat owner followers or feline accounts followed them? Ideally, we wanted a high concentration of other cats or cat lovers who would be likely to not only engage with the catchy jingle and creative antics of our cat-fluencers, but those who’d be interested in purchasing the new Meow Mix flavors based on an influencer recommendation. 

Once we had our influencer roster, it was time to cultivate compelling cat content! This came with some challenges, as the campaign theme involved cats creating music. Some of our hot-shot cat stars required patience and several takes to get the perfect video. However, this is where taking the time to find the right influencers came in handy — all our human and feline creators were committed to getting the message just right and they delivered on creative content that fit into the Meow Mix team’s vision. 

Since this was a product-focused campaign, we also had to manage quite a few logistics to ensure our influencers had what they needed to create these videos. We spotlighted several products during the campaign, so keeping things organized and sharing detailed instructions for which products went with each post was a top priority for the Markerly team.

The Results

The campaign ran throughout the month of May and early June 2021. In all, it included 31 posts, shared by four influencers across Instagram and TikTok: Figgy & Juliet, Mason Glasco, Marley Malin, Brooke Brazer

Here are a few of our favorites pieces of content: 

In total, posts from these human and feline influencers resulted in 225.3K engagements (for a rate of 2.7%) and a total reach of 8.4M users to date.

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Out with the old and in with the…old? A look ahead at remixed ads

Meow Mix is one of several brands who’ve embarked on an effort to reinvigorate popular campaigns, jingles and imagery on social media. Old Spice brought back the old favorite “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertising campaign in a new way on TikTok. Domino’s Pizza blended the old with the new, resurrecting “The Noid,” a villain first introduced in 1980s advertisements, in a 2021 campaign that also featured autonomous delivery tests. 

At Markerly, we love this concept — it’s the perfect combination of nostalgia-seeking and creative reinvention that will drive brand awareness among new and old customers. When done right, using the latest tools and trends on apps like TikTok and Instagram, it can give new life to your brand’s efforts. 
Are you a brand looking to reinvent an old campaign for a new audience? Reach out to us today —

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