With CTR rates declining publishers are scrambling to milk display ads as much as they can. We know you can relate. Ads just keep popping out of nowhere. It’s horrible, we know, but until more publishers and brands start adopting a content marketing strategy, we’ll have to keep dealing with these unpleasant surprises. This true story is for you.



When you land on a site and they force you to look at an ad before reading an article


When you get to the article and an ad pops up


When you click out of the ad and start reading content and all of the sudden a video ad starts playing somewhere


When you finally turn off the video to continue reading and an ad slides out from the bottom of the page as soon as you start scrolling


When you can’t stand to be on the site any longer so you go to click out of the page and an ad pops up when you click the X button


When you close all of your tabs and you find ads hiding behind your browser