How Markerly Campaigns Boost Sales

Oct 11, 2021 — Markerly Editorial Team, 2 min read

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Gone are the days of tracking down, hiring and overpaying for a celebrity spokesperson to promote your brand campaign. 

With media and technology access steadily becoming more readily available to the generalized consumer, so has the emergence of influencer marketing. Inversely, companies, like yours, need influencers’ following and reach to unlock hidden markets that celebrities would otherwise coast over or alienate (whether they intend to or not).

Influencers act as the authentic bridge between your brand and your target audience. They can multiply your ROI in an effective, streamlined and versatile way.

Markerly campaigns are designed to boost sales. 

Utilizing a network of diverse and dynamic influencers of all interests, Markerly campaigns can increase your revenue by matchmaking your brand to the appropriate influencers and audience. Campaigns are designed to capitalize on influencers reach to facilitate your brand’s awareness, audience engagement and direct consumers to the appropriate intended markets.

However, just as the influencer is significant to capturing your intended audience, so is the significance to the content they produce. Markerly works to gear influencers towards your intended audience and your  intended campaign message. Together, Markerly not only collaborates with your brand, but with the influencers themselves to make sure their content capitalizes on your intended message and is conveyed in an effective/engaging way. 

Markerly’s influencer marketing campaigns leave no stone unturned.   They surface markets that your brand has never reached, wants to reach, or intends to strengthen connections with by giving influencers the creative freedom to interpret and interact with your brand’s messaging. After all, no one knows your brand as well as the consumer themself. Well, at least, a close second to you.

Why is this so effective? 

Customers have a difficult time engaging with brand messaging that is purchased media, because it feels as though the brand is ‘tooting its own horn.’ Influencers disguise this self-praise, whilst also avoiding deception. Instead of a brand claiming to be great, influencers praise and rave about how great your brand is. Because, ultimately, they themselves were a customer at one point. 

The intended audience views these influencers as trustworthy friends, neighbors or even family  – as foreign as that sounds. Just as social media has diminished the degree of separation between audience and celebrity, it has diminished the boundary between brand and consumer. 

Engaging with influencers and entrusting them with your brand’s messaging builds trust in the consumer, and brings in revenue that otherwise would click onto another, comparable, brand. 

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