As told by Sarah Ware.

Personal notes on 5 Predictions about Working Women

My mother was a homemaker, and my dad was the American dream: a nobody from nothing who worked tirelessly to achieve amazing success and give his family more than he had growing up.

Successful business women weren’t really in my life-context. I always had entrepreneur ideas, and my parents always said I could do whatever I put my mind to. Still, from my young eyes it seemed like men worked and women reared children. Some of them had jobs, I knew that, but they worked for other people. It just wasn’t a point of discussion, and I hardly ever saw mom’s in suits.

When I was 10 I entered into a restaurant pitch competition in NJ. My group and I decided to create The Family Garden, a restaurant that brought the family together with games as they ate. With help from my dad, and his business friends (all male), we won!

The wheels have been crankin’ ever since, but I still lacked women in my life who led or created businesses, so it wasn’t until college that I realized with seriousness that my dreams could be executed when I wanted them to be.

Thank you to all the women out there who have contributed to these amazing stats (article below), and those continuing to take risks to start businesses or working towards seniority within a competitive company.

If you know a little girl, encourage her to think beyond what she wants to be when she grows up, and ask her what she wants to create.

If you’re looking to meet other like-minded females, check out LadiesAmerica, founded by my friend and a huge source of inspiration, Lindsey Mask.