3 Tips to Increase Engagement on TikTok

Oct 12, 2020 — , 3 min read

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The app we all know and love, TikTok, launched in September of 2017. Since ranking as the top free app download in January of 2018, the app’s monthly users have increased by 800%. TikTok’s growing popularity in 2020 affirms that the app is a premier marketing platform, and many influencers are capitalizing on its popularity. However, some influencers have found that despite their best efforts, they cannot successfully reach their target audience or achieve their desired profile engagement rate. In this article, we will reveal three simple, yet excruciatingly important, tips on how you can boost engagement on TikTok.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention in the First 3 Seconds of Your Videos.

When attempting to engage with a specific target audience on TikTok, it is crucial to remember that new technologies run our lives. People have shorter attention spans and expect instant gratification. Thus, you must capture your audience’s attention in the first three seconds of your TikTok video, or else users will quickly become disinterested and scroll by. 

Make sure you provide a title or caption on your video in the first two or three seconds. This will give the viewer an idea of what he or she will watch for the next twelve to thirty seconds. If the topic resonates with the user, then he or she is more likely to watch the video and to share it. However, if the viewer is unsure about the content of the video in the first three seconds, then they typically move on shockingly quickly. There are many other ways that a content creator can generate an attention-getter, but adequate titles are critical while trying to increase engagement.

Authenticity is Everything.

Advertising is thrown at us in every direction. With the prevalence of social media, we have been trained to sniff out advertising, and when we do, our reaction is to avoid falling prey to its directives. Therefore, identification is so prevalent with influencers. Once an influencer’s marketing strategy becomes known to the public, it will not be nearly as effective. Thus, it is evident that authenticity is everything. 

The best way to prove authenticity, on TikTok especially, is by mixing advertisements with entertainment. Utilizing seamless advertising and authenticity, rather than overly branded content, will cause viewers to engage in your posts and ultimately respond better. Some methods of blending entertainment with advertising that are seen currently – and that viewers are responding to favorably – include: DIY videos, step-by-step tutorials (hair, makeup, cooking, literally anything you could think of), pranks, etc. Another great way to provide authenticity is through offering narratives to your viewers, which brings me to my last tip…

Tell a Story.

Stories can include a personal “one-on-one” type narrative or a video compilation with captions. Either way, viewers are interested in narratives and always will be, because we are instinctively story-telling creatures. Whether the story is funny and light-hearted or serious and contemplative, telling a story is the best way for a content creator to connect and to relate to his or her audience on a deeper level. Storytelling provides an opportunity to relate to your audience, while also conveying a message. The connection between the two permits a unique perspective that allows your audience to know you better. In general, storytelling is one of the strongest ways to increase engagement on TikTok.

By utilizing these three tips, you will increase your engagement on TikTok. Capturing your audience’s attention to avoid them skipping past your content, keeping content authentic, and relating to your audience on a deeper level through storytelling ensures that engagement is increased on the app, no matter what “brand” or lifestyle that you are promoting may be. Reaching your target audience and maximizing your profile engagement are both possible, especially since TikTok remains wildly popular. Do not lose sight of your intentions or become discouraged, as the most authentic content garners more shares and likes.

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