22 Ways to Track ROI from Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Sep 26, 2016 — Justin Kline, 3 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutesSocial media and influencer marketing isn’t just all about likes, shares, and comments. Your bosses want to see tangible data that showcase ROI and value for the dollars they’ve allowed you to spend on your campaigns. At Markerly, we implement some simple yet effective strategies that showcase ROI and value to our clients. Whether it’s identifying consumer behaviors for retargeting or campaign tactics that lead directly to conversions, we’ve got you covered with these tips for influencer marketing on blogs, Instagram, and YouTube.


Embed tracking pixels into the content. Cookie all of the readers of the content via display ads and Facebook. Markerly sees a .2% CTR on retargeting ads via sponsored content.

A conversion pixel placed on your website will tell you how many readers of the sponsored content ended up visiting on their own (not via a direct click-through or retargeting ad) within a 30-day window. Markerly sees that up to 40% of site visits via influencers are not currently tracked because they are not direct click-throughs.

A conversion pixel on your website will also tell you which products those who read sponsored content are most interested in so you can feature them accordingly. Make sure to run retargeting of those products engaged with, in conjunction with retargeting the readers.

Measure the page view to read ratio. For every 10 page views, two people read the entire article. If the reads are higher than average, promote that influencer’s content as recommended reading on premium publisher sites. Markerly sees the best results through continued engagement with influencers that have the highest read ratio, not the highest amount of page views.

Ensure that all the influencers are sharing their articles to Facebook and promoting them through their blog’s Facebook page via paid advertising. Make sure their targeting is correct (those who like your brand or competing products).

Require all influencers to pin their content on Pinterest. Pinterest is the most evergreen social platform and you will receive continual engagement. Markerly saw over 200,000 repins for Dixie within a two-year timeframe.

Track the impressions via syndications to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Markerly sees the most amount of impressions coming from blog campaigns that require syndications.

Track the IPs’ of readers. Know where people are reading from so you can gather valuable intelligence on the demographic that is engaging with your product. Cross-reference spikes in readership with specific store locations that received a high amount of sales.

Run sweepstakes to encourage more social activity around your campaign. Campaigns that include sweepstakes receive up to 70% more engagement and activity via social networks.

Collect email addresses via sweepstakes, whitepaper, or another piece of information. Add these emails to your marketing list for future consumer outreach.



Track upticks in site traffic and conversions. Look at a three-hour time frame after an influencer posts content. Attribute sales and site traffic beyond the average for that time of day to that influencer. Markerly sees these numbers increasing per influencer for each subsequent endorsement of the product.

SMS Marketing provides a great opportunity to continually engage with those interested in your product. Promoting a coupon code is a great way to collect a phone number. Markerly sees success re-engaging with the audience on a quarterly basis via SMS marketing.

Track in-store purchases with SMS marketing by text messaging QR codes for redemption.

Make sure that the influencers you are engaging with on Instagram are receiving the proper amount of likes and comments for their follower count. Markerly tracks this in our influencer search so you can see how influencers stack up against each other.

Buy multiple posts. Receive 20% less per post on Instagram when you contract an influencer for more than one post within a specific time frame.

Use a Comment to Buy Feature. Many of our Instagram campaigns utilize comment to buy technology where the follower comments and a personalized link is emailed for purchase, allowing you to directly measure sales from a specific influencer post.


Repurpose videos that contain professional production value in YouTube ads.

Track clicks from YouTube and have specific retargeting ads ready for that audience using the influencer-created content.

Repurpose snippets of the video to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Ensure you are providing links to click inside of the video to further incentivize site visits.

Pay the influencer extra to feature the video on their channel for a specific amount of time to receive up to 100x more video views. Markerly has found that six months to a year is average.

Save money by not having a dedicated video made; instead, have your brand included as a shout-out in an existing video. Markerly sees prices for shout-outs over dedicated videos are up to 70% less.

For more information on how Markerly can help you measure your influencer campaigns and drive ROI, contact us at sales@markerly.com.

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