Native advertising comes in many forms. It’s an umbrella term that covers any type of advertisement that is native to the experience (ie: a sponsored story in the Facebook feed is native, a banner ad on the side of the page is not). One form of native advertising is SnapChat.

However, this is how most people look when you mention advertising on SnapChat


It might not be the first platform that comes to mind, but SnapChat has the potential to be very powerful for brands! After a client asked me how they could advertise through SnapChat, I started to brainstorm. After all, it makes sense to think about ways to advertise on a social network with over 200M snaps being sent a day. My assumption is that SnapChat will have some sort of official native advertising program soon, but in the meantime, brands can still take advantage of all those eyeballs; they just have to be creative. Taco Bell has already experimented with SnapChat (sidenote: they’re pretty innovative, they do sponsored stories on BuzzFeed too).

How does SnapChat work? In order for someone to see your snap, first they must accept you. So, I thought about what brands I’d want to send me snaps, and then envisioned what each one would look like.

So here are 10 way that 10 brands that I love could use SnapChat for conversions. I’d love to get these snaps!

1) Whole Foods
Snap: salad bar deliciousness

Promo text: Hungry? Come to Whole Foods within the hour for 30% off salad bar.

2) Real Housewives of New Jersey
Snap: video of someone getting punched

Promo text: RHONJ on at 9PM! Craziest episode ever!

Snap: amazing DIY craft

Promo text: If you have $10 and 10 minutes you can make this too!

4) PopSugar
Snap: celebrity with new baby bump

Promo text: Breaking news – another baby on the way!

5) Tory Burch
Snap: beautiful shoe

Promo text: Sneak Peek of our newest shoe – releasing in 1 week!

6) Glamour Magazine
Snap: someone holding Glamour Magazine in exotic location

Promo text: Snap us a photo of you and Glamour and we might publish you next month!

7) Virgin America
Snap: plane taking off into sunset

Promo text: Where do you want to go? Book your trip within the hour and get 10% off.

8) Lulu Lemon
Snap: someone doing yoga on a mountain

Promo text: Be the change you want to be in the world. Namaste.

9) Conan O’Brien
Snap: Conan doing something weird and ridiculous

Promo text: No text needed, I’ll laugh and tweet to everyone that Conan just sent me a SnapChat, and “OMG it was SO ridiculous, I WISH I could replay it for you! Too bad you’re not on SnapChat! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

10) The White House
Snap: President shaking hands with gay couple

Promo text: Obama celebrating California’s right to marriage equality!

What snaps would you want to see from your favorite brands?