How Social Media Influencer Jobs Change Between Platforms

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With the ever-increasing global impact that social media has, many people are considering pursuing a career as a social media influencer. Though it may sound unusual to some, the influencer marketing landscape is a huge source of potential revenue for brands and influencers alike. 

When you become a social media influencer, you must consider what platform you will prioritize. Social media influencer jobs vary depending on the experiences and features associated with a specific platform. 

To dive headfirst into the social media influencer industry, you must understand the nuances between platforms and what benefits you’re looking to get out of your influencer job. This article will cover how influencer jobs differ between social media platforms and how aspiring influencers can find their fame.

Becoming an Instagram Influencer

When social media users think of influencers, they may immediately think of Instagram influencers. Currently, Instagram is one of the most successful influencer landscapes with 89% of people considering it the ideal platform for many aspiring influencers. The numerous options for posting content on Instagram, such as photos, videos, stories, and text, make the platform appealing to influencers and social media management teams.

However, you should not jump into Instagram without serious consideration. Instagram is a popular platform but necessarily the best for all social media strategies. Instagram is typically better suited to those targeting a younger audience or looking to become micro-influencers that partner with small brands.

If you want to partner with a social media marketing brand, then Instagram is a great platform to consider. 69% of digital marketers spend the most money on Instagram campaigns per year, a whopping difference from the 11% of marketers that spend the most on YouTube, the second money-making target.

If your content consists primarily of visuals like photos and videos, Instagram might be the right platform for you. Instagram is beneficial because it allows space for creativity to thrive while also being a hub for brand partnerships.

Becoming a YouTube Influencer

Up-and-coming influencers should consider prioritizing YouTube as one of their primary platforms. YouTube allows creativity to flow, making it ideal for the imaginative social media influencer with a passion for developing epic video content.

The majority of people spend significant portions of their day consuming video media, and much of the media consumed is found online. The impact of YouTube influencer marketing is significant, and many people determine their subsequent purchases by taking recommendations from their favorite YouTube influencers.

YouTube is also helpful because it can reach a broader target audience than Instagram influencing. While social media marketing on Instagram can be beneficial for targeting specific audiences, often of a younger age, Pew Research found that “95% of those 18 to 29 say they use [YouTube], along with 91% of those 30 to 49 and 83% of adults 50 to 64.” 

People of all ages and genders use YouTube regularly, meaning there are a lot of opportunities to grow your audience and find customers you never might have otherwise.

Becoming a Twitter Influencer

Twitter is a good option for social media influencers to explore. While Twitter is used by many, Twitter influencers typically focus on topical posts that encourage engagement with their audience. Crafting posts on Twitter is simple and can be done relatively fast compared to other platforms. 

Twitter has been successful for influencers that partner with technology-based brands, along with large chain brands. Due to the format of Twitter’s platform, many see it as more personal or “direct” due to the short-form style of the content. Users and influencers on Twitter also tend to go for a “stream of consciousness” style of posting, which can make them seem more relatable and accessible, possibly creating a closer bond with their audience.

Becoming a TikTok Influencer

While this innovative social media platform hasn’t been around as long as some other popular platforms, TikTok is becoming more popular very rapidly. Over 1 billion active users use the platform every month, and brands have begun to notice the potential of partnering with TikTok influencers.

For hopeful influencers, looking to TikTok can benefit you significantly. While you might be hesitant because of the relatively new phenomenon of TikTik influencing, many have found genuine, lasting success through the platform. TikTok often causes huge spikes in engagement rates, and for influencers just now venturing into social media marketing, TikTok’s relative newness can be a huge plus. 

For influencers considering TikTok, you should ensure that your target audience is suited for this platform. TikTok is usually best for influencers with younger audiences.

Why You Should Consider a Cross-Platform Strategy

Though social media influencers should try to have a primary target platform they are associated with, it is also wise to consider a cross-platform strategy to reach a broader audience. New social media platforms come into the public sphere regularly, causing people to use multiple platforms simultaneously. For example, Backlinko found that “the average social media user engages with an average of 6.6 various social media platforms.”

Audiences are constantly shifting between one app to the next, and if you want a better chance of getting noticed, then a cross-platform strategy is often necessary.

A cross-platform strategy can also benefit influencers depending on the type of content posted on a social media platform. For example, influencers prioritizing video content may want a cross-platform strategy with TikTok and YouTube. Regardless of what content you are focusing on, it is never a bad idea to stay active on other social media platforms aside from your primary one.

Final Words

Influencers and brands alike can benefit from vital social media marketing techniques. For new influencers looking to find the right platform for success, the expert team at Markerly can be a huge help. 

Markerly aids influencers on their journey to securing brand partnerships that make the most of their love for social media and passion for content creation. Reach out today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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