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When deciding which sponsored content advertisers to work with for your blog, or perhaps even where to potentially guest post, maximize your success by looking for key marketing factors that increase your chances of reaching a large audience. In marketing, there always exists the balancing act of reaching the right quantity of people and ensuring that the reach is highly targeted at the same time as to actually convert into revenue which is generally the main goal. With a global variety of publishers and advertisers out there across every single niche it is important to truly spend your time with brands that are aligned with your mission.

By focusing on Fortune 500 brands as your content sponsors you are much more likely to have them re-share the posts you do in front of their following which is likely to be quite large. Many larger brands that we have worked with, generally will pay you to write and publish a post on your blog, and often times expect you to then share it with your followers.


Not All Social Media Posts Are Created Equal

While sharing, however, you must realize that not all social media posts are created equal and what we mean is that purely posting a link to your following is only so effective. Our recommendation is to do a few minutes of research before you post to look up the brand’s social media accounts that you are posting on behalf of. On major networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can utilize hash tags and account names to grab the attention of the advertiser and even their fans or competitors. This drastically increases your likelihood of getting your post re-shared, re-tweeted, re-posted, favorited, liked, commented on, or other measures of engagement.

We recommend using a tool such as Hootsuite to auto-post the message several times mentioning their brand name and hash tags to get the worlds attention and the advertisers attention. Often times they may not notice the first time or disregard it, but if you stay consistent about promoting the article often times you can gain their re-share allegiance.

If this does not work, then you must take the entrepreneurial route and take matters into your own hands. Try to reach out to their PR team via phone, e-mail, or even a physical letter may truly capture their attention. Ask to speak with whoever is in charge of their social media and briefly mention that you would like them to post about the blog post that you did about them and surely they shouldn’t have a problem promoting it, it’s buzz they paid for!


About the Author: Josh Bois is the Co-Founder Global Good Networks. Josh is an international entrepreneur helping to promote Fortune 500 brands and start-ups that make a difference in the world.