Markerly conducted a focus group of 3,000 people, giving them 10 articles to read in the vertical of their choice: Travel, Celebrity News, or Technology. In each category there was one sponsored post. The results below reflect targeted sponsored stories to verticals of interest to the reader.

• 82% recognized that they were being retargeted (active viewership of the advertisement and recall of the brand)
• 76% were able to recall the brands name and recall the context of the sponsored story they had previously read
• 6% recalled banner advertisements by brands that they had not read about through sponsored posts
• 91% of those who recalled the brand, remembered the context of the sponsored story and brand name 24 hours later

Learn more about how Markerly re-targets readers of your sponsored content here.


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If you’ve ever run a retargeting campaign, you know just how effective it is with converting visitors to your site into users and customers. Sites like AdRoll have mastered the user experience and has made retargeting an advertising luxury that can be used by the masses.

It’s ironic that the only problem about retargeting is that it works so well. When you are retargeting visitors to your site, you are limited in your retargeting efforts. You are only able to retarget users that actually land on your domain.

The problem with this is that there are tons of people that engage with your brand off of your site. That’s why Markerly decided to build retargeting into content campaigns. We build up your retargeting pool to include people that read about your brand on other websites and blogs.

Retargeting readers of your brand is also an extremely effective way to increase Brand Recall. 

Watch our Prezi on Markerly Re-targeting Magic and learn how you can start converting readers of your brand into customers!