In my last post I mentioned Ladies America as a great resource, (LadiesDC in particular has thousands of great women to network with), with the empowering motto of women helping women. There are chapters in many cities and joining connects you with awesome like minded individuals.

I’ve decided to provide a quick, small list to show those who I’m following that have recently inspired me, blogs that I read and those I feel are helpful, and a couple of referrals from friends for great networking opportunities.

Grasshopper has a ton of advice in this article on 20 reads for entrepreneur women here (thanks to Natasha Murashev for sharing – check out her blog as she writes about learning to code)

Danielle Morrill of (Currently in Y Combinator) I love reading her posts and tweets. Click on Mentorship at the top of the page.

Christina Cacioppo of Union Square Ventures. $$

DC-native Follow Marissa Levin, CEO of Information Experts on Twitter. I bought her book Built To Scale at a event, another great network for both entrepreneurial men and women to get involved with in DC.

Women Grow Business is an awesome blog that I recommend you subscribe to.

Follow Cindy Gallop on Twitter, her posts are always helpful and she is a huge advocate for female-led businesses.

I can’t vouch for Ladies Who Launch personally, but I have heard many women recommending this network. It’s on my to-do list, so it should be on yours, too.

(DC) My friend just went to an event hosted by Success In The City, so this is another one I have not gotten involved with yet, but looks promising!

Follow Lindsey Mask for great tweets on articles featuring women.

She Takes on the World is another blog that I enjoy reading.