What does Authentic Influencer Marketing Look Like?

Towards the middle of June, I decided I absolutely needed a dainty, gold chain necklace. I rarely wear necklaces, my current jewelry is silver, and I was never into anything chained. It wasn’t until I was watching an influencer’s IGTV that I realized this want was inspired by her. Believe it or not, influencers hold immense power when it comes to, well, influencing. But how can influencers hone in on that and really hook their followers enough to truly listen to their recommendations? That’s where authenticity comes into play. 


Let your personality show

You might feel pressure to hide behind your posts or let your brand sponsorship do all the talking, but that can hurt you. Posts without a sense of personality feel distant and awkward. Your followers want to know what you think about the product. Your followers want to see you. So give them that. Take yourself out of your comfort zone by showcasing your unique personality in brand deals. Write what’s on your mind in your captions, get creative with your posts, and add a personal touch to your work. So as long as your content is appropriate, brands and followers will love you.


Don’t hide the brand deal

As a consumer, it’s often delightful to see *AD or *affiliated link before an influencer’s post. It communicates that they are offering transparency and there are no games being played. Hiding the brand deal and “seamlessly” incorporating the brand in videos have often backfired. Followers get frustrated because what they thought was a genuine reaction or review is actually scripted. Remain transparent about your paid content and watch your followers grow to appreciate it.


Know what you sell

Promoting everything that comes your way without really knowing what you’re selling can eventually discredit you when your followers start realizing your lack of knowledge on the products. According to our recent study, 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice, so consumers are looking for real reviews and suggestions. Test out the product before publishing. Be familiar with the brand so that you can answer questions and prove that you do in fact have knowledge on the subject. 


Fill your Feed with Organic Posts too

An organic post is one that is unpaid. It’s pictures or thoughts that you post to simply post. Having a healthy balance of both sponsored and personal (organic) content allows you to build a relationship with your followers. Personal content tells your followers more about you and they open up conversations further about sponsor related content. It’s an opportunity to really take advantage of social media and its ability to communicate with followers. Adding in organic content can start conversations about your passions.


The takeaway here is to be yourself as an influencer. In the long run, it’s easier to keep followers when content comes to you naturally. While working with brands, maintain your authenticity by being knowledgeable and transparent about what you’re endorsing. Being an influencer is fun, but it’s also profitable. Make the effort to remain authentic to strengthen your success.